PASSport Publix Login Instruction

Recently, Publix has made changes to its Publix Employee login system.

Before that, Publix associates have an email address. In case don’t have an email address, kindly use the Publix user-id as ur email address (Like P1234567 is the employee user id, so the email address is

After entering the email address, enter the account password.

Follow the below NEW Login instructions carefully:

publix passport new login

Publix Employees have to follow the new login instructions to access the PASSport system online from their personal or work devices:

  • With the recent changes, Publix employees require an email address and a password to access the system.
  • Employees have to enter their email addresses.
  • If you have a Publix email address, it might look like (
  • If you DON’T have a Publix email address, Type the user-id followed by (like or
  • The password is the same as your normal password. ie., password.
For any questions: Call I/S Customer support service at ext. 42563.
NOTE: The email address needs to be used for login formats only. It DOESN'T mean that you have a Publix Email Account.